Driving along the twisting roads of the Himalayas is equivalent to driving on one of the world’s most beautiful motorcycle routes ever! Expect to encounter fantastic views of snow-caped mountains


Take a motorbike trip to one of Asia’s best kept secrets: slow paced and dreamy Laos! We ride along the Mekong through lush jungles passing serene temple towns and limestone mountains with curious rock formations


The tropical island of Madagascar is a jewel in the Indian Ocean where Asia and Africa meet. With its diverse islandscape consisting of sandy beaches, blue lagoons, rice fields, thick jungles, fertile highlands and spiny forests


Coastlines, beaches, deserts, mountains, glowing volcanoes, high altitude lakes, glaciers, jungles and a vibrant Latin American culture – Peru has it all

Rajasthan, India

A motorcycle journey through the Thar desert is to experience the One Thousand and One nights. We will be traversing the entire north western corner of India that lies in the state of Rajasthan, which literally means “The Land of Kings”

Sri Lanka

Join our motorcycle tour in the lush Island of Sri Lanka to experience some of Asia’s most stunning scenery! We will be riding on meandering roads in the central highlands, embarking on jeep safaris in the jungle


In Northern Vietnam the roads snake through tropical lowlands, over mountain passes, along rivers and through farmland with traditional villages and buzzing local markets. There will also be time to explore tribal villages, go on boat trips, visit national parks and experience nerve wracking off-road rides for those inclined


The mountainous Kingdom of Bhutan is located in the south eastern Himalayas. 65 percent of the country is covered with pine forests and dense subtropical jungles. The route we will embark on zigzags through blooming valleys, along rivers and over mountain passes endlessly overlooking snowy peaks and fluttering prayer flags.

The Himalayas of India

Traversing the Himalayas is the ultimate motorcycle adventure! We ride over some of the world’s highest mountain passes, more than 5.000 meters above sea level and will plunge deep into the Tibetan plateau.


Embark on a motorcycle trip through the Promised Land, Israel. We will be riding through the expansive Negev desert, on windy mountainous roads and across large stretches of the fertile crescent, the cradle of civilization along the Mediterranean coast.


The diverse landscapes of Burma (Myanmar) offer tropical lowlands, mountain ranges, rivers, paradise beaches and vast areas of unspoilt nature, all of which provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable motorcycle adventure


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